Impact Investing

Impact Terms

Impact Terms. A free curated library of innovations in impact investing terms and investment structures, available to entrepreneurs, investors and impact professionals. Read here.

Global Impact Investing Network. Global pioneers in terming impact investing global Intentionality and thought leadership. Read here. 

toniic Impact Investing

Impact Investing – the Toniic Approach. Toniic is a global community of active impact investors who envision a world in which all investments honor the planet and its inhabitants. Their mission is to catalyze deeper positive net impact across the spectrum of capital. Read here.

SOCAP Impact Investing

Social Capital Markets Impact Investing Articles. SOCAP convenes impact investors, social entrepreneurs, and organizations dedicated to catalyzing world change through market-based solutions. Read here.

toniic Resource Center

Toniic Impact Investing Resource Center. Toniic is a global action community of impact investors, both individuals and institutions. Their vision is a global financial ecosystem creating positive social and environmental impact. Their mission is to empower impact investors. Read here.

t100 Focus Report

T100 Focus Report: Foundations on the Road to 100%. A research briefing focused on how foundations are deploying their capital toward deeper positive net impact across all asset classes. Read here. 

RSF Social Finance

RSF Integrated Capital Institute. Financial activists leveraging capital as a tool for positive change. Read blog posts here.

toniic SDG Framework

Toniic SDG Impact Theme Matrix. 60 themes tied to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and their targets. Read here.

Palladium Group

Palladium Group. Systems Change: An Emerging Practice in Impact Investing. Documents how investors have mapped systems to inform investment strategies. Read here.

Capital Institute

Capital Institute. Finance for a Regenerative World. The Regenerative Finance Framework and paper in four acts. What would Finance look like if it were to operate genuinely in service of healthy human communities, and without undermining the long-term health of the planet in the process? Read here.

Impact 50

Impact Assets: ImpactAssets 50. This annually updated list is a gateway into the world of impact investing for investors and their financial advisors, offering an easy way to identify experienced impact investment firms and explore the landscape of potential investment options.  Read here.

Policy Toolkit

Global Steering Group for Impact Investment (GSG). Catalysing an Impact Investment Ecosystem: A Policymaker’s Toolkit. Understand the role of government in the impact investment ecosystem and how policy making can be catalytic. Read here.

Social Entrepreneurship

SOCAP Social Entrepreneurship

Social Capital Markets Social Entrepreneurship Articles. Interviews, videos, articles, podcasts, resources for social entrepreneurs. Read here.

Y Combinator

Y Combinator Startup Library. 15 years of video, podcast and essay resources aggregated for startup founders. Read here. 

Democracy Fund

Democracy Fund: Six Models for Understanding Impact. Each reflects a particular type of status quo, and potential trajectory of change. Read here.

EEX 2020 Pipeline

Elemental Excelerator: 2020 Pipeline Report. Insights and excitements including high-level data and the trends shaping the future of energy, mobility, water, food, and the circular economy. Read here.

One Troy

One Troy: Clocks and Clouds. Emergent Issues Require Emergent Thinking. Read here.

Two Loops

Two Loops Model: Berkana Institute’s Theory of Change. Watch here. Using Emergence to Take Social Innovation to Scale. Read here.

WE Intelligence

World Economic Forum: Strategic Intelligence. Strategic insights and contextual intelligence. Explore and monitor the issues and forces driving transformational change across economies, industries, and global issues. Read here.

HIR Webinars

Impact Potential of Philanthropic Balance Sheets
Reconstructing our society and economy post COVID-19 is going to require significant investment and innovative approaches to maximize our available financial resources. How might we better leverage our existing assets to drive more impact?


Financing Our Food Systems’ Recovery & Resilience
What will it take to move Hawaiʻi’s food systems from niche to mainstream? From crisis to resilience post-COVID?


CDFIs – “Superheroes” for Economic Recovery

Demystify CDFIs: Critical role in economic recovery,  Funding/Capitalizing CDFIs as part of COVID economic recovery policy, Products or services available in response to COVID-19


Adapting to Adversity: Business Pivoting in Response to COVID-19

Stories of 501(c)(3) and business resilience and innovation stand as exemplars of how organizations need to evolve even past this Covid-19 window.


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