Leveraging Hawai‘i Capital

Leveraging Hawai‘i Capital

LHC hosts quarterly impact investing oriented workshops to uplift expert knowledge and best practices for investing in and capitalizing the solutions needed to address the social and environmental challenges we face here in Hawaii. 

These solutions need to be appropriately financed to be realized. Historically philanthropy and government were the primary funders and investors in this area. Those assets pale in comparison to what’s available in the private market. If we’re to have any chance of getting those solutions to market and to scale, we have to work across these capital silos, leverage limited assets in philanthropy and government, but also bring private assets into play. 

LHC provides alternatives to the way that capital can be deployed across sectors, and also in collaboration with each other, to create the most leverage, and the most impact for the limited resources we have available to address our challenges.

LHC Webinars

In May 2020, LHC pivoted to webinars for the foreseeable future to deliver on our mission of creating pathways for capital collaboration, strengthening capacity and relationships within the impact investing ecosystem, accelerating social enterprise and increasing access to investment.

Impact Potential of Philanthropic Balance Sheets

Reconstructing our society and economy post COVID-19 is going to require significant investment and innovative approaches to maximize our available financial resources. How might we better leverage our existing assets to drive more impact?


Financing Our Food Systems’ Recovery & Resilience

What will it take to move Hawaiʻi’s food systems from niche to mainstream? From crisis to resilience post-COVID?


CDFIs – “Superheroes” for Economic Recovery

Demystify CDFIs: Critical role in economic recovery,  Funding/Capitalizing CDFIs as part of COVID economic recovery policy, Products or services available in response to COVID-19


Adapting to Adversity: Business Pivoting in Response to COVID-19

Stories of 501(c)(3) and business resilience and innovation stand as exemplars of how organizations need to evolve even past this Covid-19 window.


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