Hawai‘i Capital Scan

Hawai‘i Capital Scan

The Hawaii Capital Scan (HCS) project will provide a map of government, private sector and philanthropic capital in Hawaiʻi. HCS analyzes the efficacy of public, private and philanthropic capital investment drivers through a product lens. The report will illuminate the unique narratives Hawaiʻi capital movement is creating, the thought leadership emerging across sectors, the blended capital opportunities, and noteworthy funding and data gaps.

Philanthropic capital and nonprofits play a critical role in stimulating and stabilizing aspects of Hawaiʻi’s economy. Hence, this report will be a first of its kind – a map of government, private sector and philanthropic capital in Hawaiʻi.

The results will provide a powerful tool for Hawaiʻi in its economic recovery from the impacts of COVID-19.  And we believe the framework and analysis is one that other sectors will want and need to navigate in this new, uncertain economy.

HCS Project Team

Project Sponsor
Lisa Kleissner
KL Felicitas Foundation + Hawaiʻi Investment Ready

Project Sponsor
Ji Mi Choi, MS
Arizona State University Knowledge Enterprise

Faculty Lead Researcher
Prof. Steven Vickner, PhD
Arizona State University W. P. Carey School of Business and Morrison School of Agribusiness

Hawaiʻi Lead Researcher
Ron Porter, PhD
Independent Economic Consultant

Administrative Lead
Noelani Kalipi
Kalipi Enterprises

Keoni Lee
Hawaiʻi Investment Ready

Project Administrator
Courtney Huynh
Arizona State University J. Orin Edson Entrepreneurship + Innovation Institute

Hawaiʻi Food System Expert
Claire Sullivan
MAʻO Organic Farms

Demand-Side Researcher
Hunter Heavilin, PhD Candidate
Geography and Government, University of Hawaii at Manoa + Supersistence

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